Archived Polymagnet Webinar

Differentiate Your Product Design with Polymagnets

Polymagnets® are the world’s strongest magnets. They start as exceptionally strong rare-earth magnets. Polymagnets are then magnetized with a magnetic pattern that focuses magnetic energy for maximum strength, active alignment or magnetic field control. Magnets with this new technology can be customized for specific force versus distance requirements.  With five times the strength of conventional magnets, Polymagnets open up new possibilities including applications near sensitive items such as a compass or credit card.

Join us for this webinar to learn how to use Polymagnets to increase the usefulness of magnets in your product while reducing size and weight. Discover how to differentiate your product with the unique feel and function of Polymagnets.

Who Should Attend: Product designer, industrial designers, mechanical engineers and anyone interested in Polymagnets for product design

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