Archived Polymagnet Webinar

Smart Magnets for Smart Product Design

Join Jason Morgan, Correlated Magnetics Research’s Vice President of Engineering, for an engineer-to-engineer webinar and learn how the company’s new smart magnets can help you put the magic of magnets in your product design.

An ordinary magnet’s strength is fixed at a given distance, but Polymagnets® let you break the rules. Product designers will now have the flexibility of designing with magnets with a variety of strengths over a range of distances for any given magnet size and shape.  Jason will show you how to use these state-of-the-art magnets to achieve the feel you’re looking for during new product development.

CMR applies its patented Polymagnet technology to rare-earth magnets to manipulate their magnetic energy.  The result: smart magnets with perfect feel and function.

Who Should Attend: Product designers, industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and anyone interested in Polymagnets for product design.

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