Introducing the Correlated Magnetics Research 2625 with Dual Polymagnet Linear Drivers

The world’s first headphones driven by Polymagnet technology.

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Take your listening experience to a new level.

The CMR 2625 reveals audio details you didn’t know you were missing. We engineered every aspect of this innovative headphone system to provide amazing detail and clarity for an uncompromising listening experience.

We worked from the inside out inventing an entirely new speaker engine to minimize distortion, expanding the soundstage with a precision matched dual driver acoustic system, and mastering the ergonomics so the headphones feel as good as they sound.

When you listen with the CMR 2625, every note feels intense and sounds crystal clear. These headphones faithfully reproduce the detail of complex musical arrangements, the energy of percussion, and delicate sounds like hands on instruments or the breath or the artist. These headphones fully immerse you in the music, the movie, or the game.

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The first Polymagnet Linear Driver.

Our patent pending Polymagnet Linear Driver sets us apart. Unlike normal dynamic or planar magnetic drivers, this driver is engineered to provide a uniform magnetic field for the voice coil throughout its entire travel path. This drives the diaphragm with minimal distortion and outstanding responsiveness for superior sound clarity and imaging for even the most challenging recordings.

CMR’s dual driver acoustic engineering creates an uncompromising frequency response. With two of our exceptional drivers in each ear cup, you get outstanding detail and a lifelike, spacious listening experience.

“The CMR 2625 provides a depth and clarity of the sound field, incredible stereo imaging, and full-range frequency response unlike any other headphones I have experienced. I was hearing elements in recordings I had previously never heard, and felt like I was in the room with the musicians. The clarity is so superior I can literally point to individual instruments in the stereo image”

Graham Marsh, Grammy Award-winning music producer

Comfort for long listening sessions.

Our design offers the best in comfort and fit. With a generously sized ear cup, dual-density foam ear pads and a headband that offers preset extensions for a personalized fit, CMR headphones feel as good as they sound.

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