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We’ve Moved!

We’ve Moved!

Huntsville, AL, February 7, 2016 – Update your contacts, Correlated Magnetics Research has moved its Huntsville location to:

101 Quality Circle NW, Suite 150
Huntsville, AL 35806






Meet the Smart Magnets That Hold Your 2-in-1 Together

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LAS VEGAS — You probably haven’t heard of Polymagnets, but if you’ve laid hands on one of today’s detachable 2-in-1s, there’s a good chance you’ve used them. The product of Correlated Mangetics Research (CMR), these “smart” magnets use complex patterns to provide just the right feel when you’re trying to snap a tablet into its keyboard base.

These magnets also have enough attractive power to hold a fairly heavy object, such as a smartphone or tablet, in place–even if you shake it. Up until now, this innovative technology was previously only available to large buyers, but this month the company has launched an online store, targeting makers and small businesses who may only need a few magnets at a time.

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