Thank you, all 1.5+ M of you!

By Andy Keane, CEO | March 28

All it took was an enthusiastic engineer, Destin Sandlin, explaining Smart Magnets on a popular website, And…nearly 1.5 million YouTube views in days.


At CMR we are grateful today for your interest, enthusiasm and outpouring of ideas on how to use Polymagnets.

Sandlin’s passionate enthusiasm for magnets, engineering, tech and science shine through in the piece where he calls the technology a “game changer” and says, “Polymagnets give new, unique, crazy behaviors [to new products] by manipulating magnetic fields. You’ve never seen anything like it.”

Destin dives into a discussion of patterned magnets, tight versus loose magnetic fields and circuits, to understand how Polymagnets can be “programmed” for unprecedented behaviors such as attraction and repulsion in the same axis. He marvels at how this creates a “spring” where two objects are pulled together until they get very close. Then, they repel so they don’t actually touch, they stop and hover a few millimeters away from one another.

“A new kind of shock absorber,” wrote one commentator.

Then Destin shows his engineering colleagues a pair of Polymagnet Smart Magnets that, when one is rotated (like a doorknob), suddenly lock together. They are beyond intrigued.  “You can create incredible three-dimensional behaviors.” Destin adds.

The video concludes with “The entire foundation of magnetic circuit design technology just changed.”

And you are the ones to create exciting new products.

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