Align Polymagnets

This design note goes into detail about Align Polymagnets, which reliably align with varying levels of precision for centering, rotational and lateral alignment.

Align Polymagnets are available for purchase in the Polymagnet Catalog in a range of sizes and configurations.

Below is a video demonstration and an animation of the Align Polymagnet function.

Align Polymagnets reliably align with several levels of precision for centering, rotational and lateral alignment.

In contrast, standard magnets do not necessarily align with any level of precision when attaching to each other and don’t have a preference for their rotational orientation to another magnet.

Align Polymagnets that center on each other are offered in pairs that exhibit varying levels of precision of their alignment and different amounts of off-alignment forgiveness.

Align Polymagnets with rotational or lateral alignment are produced in matched pairs and will exhibit a preference for alignment at one or many specific positions. As an example, they might have a preference – felt as a detent – every 90 degrees of rotation. The Polymagnet catalog contains alignment magnets with detents at 90, 120 and 180 degrees – although virtually any angle and number of detents is possible with a custom design.

Align Polymagnets will consistently and repeatedly perform every time, without recalibration or maintenance.

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