Attach Polymagnets

This design note goes into detail about the attach Polymagnet function, which are the world’s strongest magnets. Polymagnets are many times stronger in attaching to metal than standard magnets but are also safer because they can be tuned to only engage at close range. The reach of the magnetic field can be defined to suit specific design requirements, like not interfering with sensitive electronics like a compass or damaging a credit card.

Attach Polymagnets are optimized for magnet-to-metal attachment. A range of sizes and configurations are available in the Polymagnet Catalog.

Below is a video demonstration and an animation of the Attach Polymagnet function.

Attach Polymagnets are the world’s strongest magnets – many times stronger that standard magnets – because their magnetic field has been concentrated near surface. Attach Polymagnets also exhibit up to 8X more shear strength than standard magnets, which typically don’t hold well on vertical surfaces.

For standard magnets, the stronger the magnet the farther away it will be attracted to a piece of metal or another magnet. However for Polymagnets, this relationship between strength and engagement distance is no longer fixed. While stronger, Polymagnets can be designed to engage at a specific distance. The reach of the magnetic field can be varied to suit specific design requirements of a project.

The focused magnetic field at the surface of a Polymagnet enables the use of Polymagnets in products like consumer electronics devices. In these devices, a standard magnet near sensitive electronics can interfere with a compass or erase a credit credit card. A Polymagnet’s controlled magnetic field prevents these problems.

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