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Thank you, all 1.5+ M of you!

By Andy Keane, CEO | March 28

All it took was an enthusiastic engineer, Destin Sandlin, explaining Smart Magnets on a popular website, And…nearly 1.5 million YouTube views in days.


At CMR we are grateful today for your interest, enthusiasm and outpouring of ideas on how to use Polymagnets.

Sandlin’s passionate enthusiasm for magnets, engineering, tech and science shine through in the piece where he calls the technology a “game changer” and says, “Polymagnets give new, unique, crazy behaviors [to new products] by manipulating magnetic fields. You’ve never seen anything like it.”

Destin dives into a discussion of patterned magnets, tight versus loose magnetic fields and circuits, to understand how Polymagnets can be “programmed” for unprecedented behaviors such as attraction and repulsion in the same axis. He marvels at how this creates a “spring” where two objects are pulled together until they get very close. Then, they repel so they don’t actually touch, they stop and hover a few millimeters away from one another.

“A new kind of shock absorber,” wrote one commentator.

Then Destin shows his engineering colleagues a pair of Polymagnet Smart Magnets that, when one is rotated (like a doorknob), suddenly lock together. They are beyond intrigued.  “You can create incredible three-dimensional behaviors.” Destin adds.

The video concludes with “The entire foundation of magnetic circuit design technology just changed.”

And you are the ones to create exciting new products.

For more, subscribe to the SmarterEveryDay YouTube Channel:; and to play with a few of your own magnets, we have a variety of behaviors on the Polymagnet Online Catalog:

Design is Make or Break, and Keyssa’s Cool

By Andy Keane, CEO |


Returning from CES, where around 22,000 products were announced, I was reminded again of the immense size and scope of the CE marketplace – and its ferocious competitiveness.  The explosive growth in CE challenges the designer to build a product that will stand out both in features and user experience.

Blah products become commodities in the world of CE faster than a pack of 50 teenagers can condemn them on SnapChat and sentence them to death in the marketplace.

Let’s look at laptops, which so often break at those connectors. Connectors are the bane of electronics, and cause many premature device deaths. You’re at Starbucks working away, when the decaf latte at the next table stands up and snags your power cord, yanking and ruining your connector. Connectors are designed to make trouble, and they do deliver!

First Smart Magnet Design Website Now Available at

Correlated Magnetics Research launches online tool for designers to optimize the selection of Smart Magnets

CAMPBELL, Calif., Jan. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Correlated Magnetics Research (CMR), the inventor of Polymagnet smart magnet technology, today launched the world’s first Polymagnet Smart Magnet online design tool and catalog at

“Developing with Smart Magnets is relatively new to most product designers and mechanical engineers,” said Andy Keane, CEO of CMR. “So we created a place where developers of all types can discover the wide variety of Smart Magnet behaviors and combinations. Our online selection tool quickly narrows down design options and puts real engineering data in the hands of designers.”

Polymagnet Smart Magnets are extremely strong and can be combined to create nearly endless combinations of active magnetic behaviors such as springs, latches and alignment.  These behaviors can be adopted to create rich, one of a kind product experiences that that captivate the user’s senses and create a sophisticated or elegant feel.

The online tool from Correlated Magnetics aids in the selection of Smart Magnets based on shape, behavior and technical fit using measured magnetic data to facilitate the creative process of designing novel magnetic solutions.

Added Keane, “Polymagnet Smart Magnets are found in tablets, laptops, and other devices from leading consumer electronics manufacturers’ today, but the potential to add value to a vast array of products from has barely been tapped. Putting our entire catalog of Polymagnets online for immediate direct purchase makes it effortless for product designers to experiment and build prototypes.”

To learn more about the flexibility of designing with Polymagnets, download the whitepaper at or to begin designing, visit the Polymagnet www.

About Correlated Magnetics Research and Polymagnets

Correlated Magnetics Research is the inventor of Polymagnet smart magnet technology for consumer and industrial applications. CMR’s Polymagnet process and Polymagnet Catalog of advanced magnetic functions deliver unprecedented functionality for permanent magnets in a wide variety of convenient sizes and forms – allowing product designers to customize the behavior, function, and feel of new products using smart magnets. Polymagnets are available for fast prototyping through the Polymagnet Catalog and in high volume from CMR’s production facility in China. CMR was formed in 2008 and has received more than 120 patents for its innovations in magnetic technology. Learn more at

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