Correlated Magnetics Introduces Smart Magnet Kits for Tablet and Mobile Accessories

Correlated Magnetics Introduces Smart Magnet Kits for Tablet and Mobile Accessories

CMR Smart Polymagnets Simplify the Design of Sleek Magnetic Attachment for Consumer Electronics and Peripherals

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Correlated Magnetics Research today announced the launch of a new product line of smart Polymagnet kits for product designers for attaching tablet covers, keyboards and mobile accessories with ease and precision. These new Polymagnets are available in CMR’s Polymagnet catalog.

For companies developing peripherals for existing tablets, kits include pre-engineered single-piece Polymagnets and specifications detailing how to design a Polymagnet-equipped accessory for a specific size of device. Kits are available for typical tablet types as well as the Apple iPad and iPad Mini.  For companies developing new tablets, kits include pre-engineered Polymagnets for embedding in the base units plus matching Polymagnets for peripherals.

Correlated Magnetics’ patented Polymagnet technology has revolutionized product design by providing unprecedented control over the way magnets behave and interact. With Polymagnets’ unique feel and function, a product designer can tune the design of tablets and peripherals by using different variations of Polymagnets. For example, Polymagnets kits are available such that a tablet’s keyboard snaps into place when perfectly aligned and gently releases when off-centered, giving customers a precise and secure feel.

Magnets in the new smart magnet kits are programmed to attract each other so precisely that they connect at just the right proximity and in perfect alignment. As a peripheral equipped with one smart magnet is placed near the base containing the other, the magnets attract each other with just the right force and the accessory glides into place.

Polymagnets are made of durable Neodymium magnetic material (also known as NIB or rare earth magnets) and are available in a range of temperature grades to support a variety of product assembly options.

Adhering to the specifications included with the kit ensures that the magnets will not interfere with a device’s sensitive electronics. Nor will they render a credit card useless that is placed near a tablet or peripheral. Polymagnets are engineered to preclude such interference.

Polymagnets are manufactured through a software-controlled process that magnetizes small regions on a magnet’s surface in a precisely defined pattern. The exact pattern controls the shape of the magnetic field and therefore determines how the magnet will function — that is, how it will interact with other magnets and metals. Correlated Magnetics customizes the pattern by varying the location, size and shape of the regions to produce the desired behavior.


About Correlated Magnetics Research

Correlated Magnetics Research is the inventor of Polymagnet technology for consumer and industrial applications. CMR’s Polymagnet process and Polymagnet Catalog of advanced magnetic functions deliver unprecedented functionality for permanent magnets – allowing product designers to customize the feel and function of their products using smart magnets. Polymagnets are available for fast prototyping through the Polymagnet Catalog and in high volume from CMR’s production facility in China. CMR was formed in 2008 and has received more than 120 patents for its innovations in magnetic technology. Learn more at

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