Press Release: Correlated Magnetics Research Achieves 120th Patent

Milestone for Programmable Magnet Technology

Novel Magnetic Technology Turns Ordinary Magnets into Polymagnets with Programmable Feel and Unique Functions

December 3, 2014 (Huntsville, AL) – Correlated Magnetics Research (CMR) announced today that it has passed the milestone of 120 issued domestic and international patents for its programmable magnet technology. The six year-old company now has 121 issued patents and an additional 58 patent applications on file in the US, Europe and Asia.

CMR’s process technology transforms ordinary magnets into precision-tailored magnetic systems called Polymagnets®. Unlike conventional magnets that typically have just one north and one south pole, Polymagnets have a pattern of many magnetic regions. The precisely engineered fields of Polymagnets enable a wide range of new functionality for magnets and new magnetic solutions – far beyond simple attract or repel.

“I am very proud of the patenting success we’re having.” said Mark Roberts, co-founder of Correlated Magnetics and Chief Intellectual Property Officer. “It is a testament to the pioneering nature of the technology that we’ve been able to patent so many unique aspects of Polymagnets including many extraordinary magnetic behaviors, a large variety of applications of Polymagnets, and, very importantly, fundamental systems and methods for designing and manufacturing Polymagnets in an efficient, reliable, and repeatable way. We’ve also been able to achieve this patent coverage at an incredibly rapid pace with our US patents averaging less than 17 months from filing to issuance.”

Polymagnets have functions not possible with standard magnets including magnets that precisely align and act like springs and latches. Polymagnets enable sophisticated product design with magnets – ideal for consumer and industrial applications because Polymagnet features can be combined to offer a truly unique product experience.

These new features of Polymagnets can be precisely tuned for a desired mechanical response – a softer feel or snappier strength – to evoke the desired emotional response in a product’s user.

Visit for information on the Polymagnet Catalog of standard products or contact CMR for custom Polymagnet options.


About Correlated Magnetics Research, LLC

Correlated Magnetics Research is the inventor of correlated magnetic systems technology for consumer and industrial applications. CMR’s Polymagnet Catalog of advanced magnetic functions delivers unprecedented functionality for permanent magnet materials. CMR was founded in 2008 to pursue the new technology of correlated magnetics and has been awarded over 120 patents for a fundamentally new magnetics system and function technology. CMR is driving global adoption of the technology by establishing a network of Polymagnet Suppliers and field sales engineers to assist in the application of innovative magnetics systems.

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