Design is Make or Break, and Keyssa’s Cool

By Andy Keane, CEO |


Returning from CES, where around 22,000 products were announced, I was reminded again of the immense size and scope of the CE marketplace – and its ferocious competitiveness.  The explosive growth in CE challenges the designer to build a product that will stand out both in features and user experience.

Blah products become commodities in the world of CE faster than a pack of 50 teenagers can condemn them on SnapChat and sentence them to death in the marketplace.

Let’s look at laptops, which so often break at those connectors. Connectors are the bane of electronics, and cause many premature device deaths. You’re at Starbucks working away, when the decaf latte at the next table stands up and snags your power cord, yanking and ruining your connector. Connectors are designed to make trouble, and they do deliver!

Amidst all the hyper-connectedness at CES, one relatively new product stood: The Keyssa connector. Simply put, Keyssa redefines data connections between PCs, tablets, phones, and other devices. It is ultrafast at moving files between devices, ultrasecure (no WiFi) and rugged – with no connecting pins or clips to break. Keyssa also has a chic design and feel.

To transfer files, you place a Keyssa-equipped smartphone on a laptop’s keyboard. Nothing plugs in, but to work properly, Keyssa needs to sit in just the right location on that laptop. Magically, when you go to place your phone there, it situates perfectly and seems to lock into place, and it works – files transfer! Behind that magic are smart magnets.

The Keyssa must match up perfectly – with essentially zero margin of error – to its Keyssa twin inside the laptop. That could frustrate users, but with smart magnets built into both devices, the smartphone always pops into perfect alignment.

Smart Magnets Do One Thing, and Do it Right

Polymagnet’s smart magnets, built into the two Keyssa connectors, steer that incoming smartphone into exactly the right position, and keep it there. They also repel the Keyssa from settling into the wrong location. It sounds counterintuitive, but smart magnets achieve a very specific goal – every time – they “snap” the smartphone into precisely the correct location for file transfer. They never malfunction. Smart magnets do one thing, and do it – not well, but perfectly.

Keyssa shows that objects can work together without plugging together. The Keyssa is a breakthrough in inter-device connectivity, and significantly reduces vulnerability to accidents.

As arrows are to rocks, smart magnets are to conventional magnets

Smart magnets give exciting and interesting behaviors to products, and eliminate mechanical moving parts.  Today, you can choose product behaviors like locking a lid closed, or having two items spring apart, and build that in, by combining smart magnets.

Keyssa enables better connectivity by making connections unnecessary. Its enthusiastic reception at CES, and its design success have much to do with the smart magnets packed inside.

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