Polymagnet Demo Kit

The Polymagnet Demo Kit is the perfect way to get an introduction to the range of Polymagnet functions in the Polymagnet Catalog. The Polymagnet Demo Kit is available for sale now from the following partners:


The Polymagnet Demo Kit can be used to demonstrate the following functions:


Here is an overview video of the Polymagnet Demo Kit.


The Polymagnet Demo Kit contains the following demonstrators:

  1. Attach Polymagnet demonstrator #1 (orange knob)
  2. Attach Polymagnet demonstrator #2 (red knob)
  3. Align Polymagnet demonstrator (green knob and base)
  4. Latch Polymagnet demonstrator ( black knob and base)
  5. Spring Polymagnet demonstrator (black demonstrator)
  6. Complex Polymagnet demonstrator (blue knob and base)
  7. Standard magnet demonstrator (beige knob and base)
  8. A piece of 0.31” steel
  9. A piece of green magnetic viewing film for magnetic field visualization

All of the Polymagnets in the Polymagnet Demo Kit are 1” OD x 0.125” thick and made of N40 grade NIB.

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