Popular Mechanics: This Is Awesome: Printing Your Own Magnets (Video)

The Mini MagPrinter could become the coolest tool to hit maker spaces since 3D printing. It churns out custom magnets using technology that won its creator, Correlated Magnetics Research, a 2010 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award. The new Mini is half the size of the original MagPrinter, and it helps product designers prototype their inventions using magnets that have novel behaviors. While most magnets have only one north pole and one south pole, the Mini encodes multiple poles across a magnet’s surface using a focused electromagnetic field. By tailoring the arrangement of the poles and subsequently controlling the magnetic forces, users can create coilless springs, frictionless gears, specialized latches, and even products that self-assemble.

Traditionally, made-to-order magnets can cost between $1000 and $100,000 per pattern. The Mini prints an infinite number of patterns, but with its $45,000 price tag, it’s best suited for prototyping labs and workshops where equipment costs are shared. Read Article (includes video)

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