Press Release: Introducing Hooked on Paint™, the First Product Line of Magnets for Magnetic Paint

Introducing Hooked on Paint™, the First Product Line of Magnets for Magnetic Paint

New Technology Creates the World’s Strongest Magnets, Letting

Consumers Hang & Rearrange Frames & Art with Confidence & Ease

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –Correlated Magnetics Research today announced the launch of Hooked on Paint (, a new product line of magnets designed specifically to work in tandem with magnetic paint, which creates a magnetic surface on virtually any painted wall or surface.

These new magnets promise to be a game changer in the home decor and interior design space.  Decorating enthusiasts and interior design pros finally have a magnetic hanging product to realize the potential of magnetic walls for easy, flexible hanging solutions in the home and office.

“While it has been on the market for decades, until now, magnetic paint has yielded mixed results and a lot of frustration,” explained Stephen Straus, VP of Marketing, Correlated Magnetics Research. “The problem isn’t the paint, though; ordinary magnets simply don’t have the strength to hold onto magnetic paint. Hooked on Paint magnets are about to change all of that.  We start with exceptionally strong rare-earth magnets and use our patented technology to create a pattern of many magnetic regions packed onto a single magnet, turning them into what we call Polymagnets®.  They are five times stronger than standard magnets, which have just one North and South pole.  As result, Hooked on Paint Polymagnets are, literally, the world’s strongest magnets.”

Hooked on Paint Polymagnets hold well to any surface treated with magnetic paint, creating many new décor opportunities for the home or office. Consumers can now affix picture frames, artwork, chalkboards and more to any surface – even to surfaces that were previously thought too difficult to drill or hammer into, such as walls made of plaster, concrete or brick. They are the ultimate in versatility, allowing home decorators to easily arrange and re-arrange items on walls without sticky adhesive or nails.

Here’s how it works:  First, paint walls or surfaces with magnetic paint, which is available at most home improvement or hardware stores, and follow the instructions on the can.  Depending on the application, additional coats or a higher concentration of magnetic paint increases the holding strength of Hooked on Paint Polymagnets.  When dry, cover the primer with standard latex paint.  Next, peel and stick Hooked on Paint Polymagnets onto each corner of a frame (use more for heavier objects) and arrange anywhere on the wall. The slip-proof, textured backing protects walls to avoid scuffs or scratches.

The home décor and interior design applications are endless, including:

  • Creating a family picture wall that’s easy to move around and add photos to
  • Showcasing your children’s artwork in a gallery you can change up with ease
  • Adding a magnetic surface to your kitchen wall & take clutter off the fridge

“Whether you’re a do-it-yourself novice or a design pro, you will love the ease and versatility of Hooked on Paint Polymagnets,” said Susan Crenshaw, interior designer and former HGTV host. “I’m excited by the idea of being able to rearrange frames and artwork any time, without harming walls and then having to repair and repaint them.”

The new Hooked on Paint Polymagnets are available online at and Amazing Magnets, with more retailers coming soon.

For press inquiries, please contact:

Jeff Salzgeber

(512) 743-2659


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