Polymagnets are the World’s First Smart Magnets.

Create a sophisticated experience with Smart Magnet feel and function.

The Polymagnet catalog contains a variety of standard mechanical functions: spring, latch, align, snap, torque, hold, twist, soften or release.

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home3-mount-1Mounting Praise for Mobile Devices

Designers of mobile accessories can now create new ways to keep your mobile device close at hand. The smart features of a Polymagnet securely mount your mobile in the car or on a stand while aligning, releasing with a twist or finding just the right spot. These engineered Polymagnets hold with incredible force while minimizing interference with sensitive electronics.

home3-iotPolymagnets Hold The Internet of Things

Web cams, sensors and detectors create a whole new way to keep track of your world. Polymagnets make mounting on walls or ceilings a snap. Move, update or align with the precision and ease of a magnet with Smart features.


Tablets Become Laptops in a Snap

The best of both worlds now with an advanced Polymagnet system. The smart Polymagnet systems actively align and connect cases or keyboards. And with the new linear magnetic springs for tablets, designers can choose exactly the right feel – not too weak, not too sticky.

home3-wearableSmart Magnets Make Wearables More Attractive

For the ultimate in mobility, Smart Polymagnets are uniquely convenient for wearable devices. With quick connect/disconnect and automatic alignment, you’ll quickly become attached to your wearable.


Industrial Strength Smart Magnets

Polymagnets are the only magnet system in the world tuned for maximum strength on standard sheet metal. With up to 4 times the strength of conventional magnets, Polymagnets are ideally suited for attaching accessories, covers or fixtures to metal surfaces.


Polymagnets are a new tool for product designers that enable novel magnet functionality. Polymagnets can be customized to give each product a unique feel and personality.


Polymagnets have functions not possible with standard magnets. From springs to latches, Polymagnet features can be combined to offer a truly unique product experience.

Product Design with Polymagnets

Polymagnets enable sophisticated product design with magnets – ideal for consumer and industrial applications.